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Jan Aarden



Not even Jan Aarden himself could have guessed the impact his choices and his skill in molding his family of marathon sky warriors would have on the history of our sport. Jan Aarden not only relied on his eminent skill and knowledge he was wise enough to allow other knowledgeable fanciers to contribute to his understanding of how to best design and create a superior marathon pigeon.
This was never more evident that his willingness to listen to the advice of the great pigeonlogist Piet de Weerd. Piet de Weerd advised Jan Aarden in the acquisition and combining of the various birds that were brought into the Jan Aarden loft. Piet De Weerd secured critically important birds for Jan Aarden. These birds had a very important impact on Jan Aardens success in developing his family of birds.
This no more evident than in Piet de Weerd’s securing of a great hen that became Jan Aardens main breeding hen. This hen was of Delbar/Deguffroy origin. It is a fact that the Delbar bloodlines played a prominent part in the Aarden’s original breeders. Many of the base pigeons carried the blood of the Delbar strain.

As we move from yesterday to today we can say without fear of contradiction that Piet Lazeroms possessed the best and purest Jan Aardens in the world. Piet’s bloodlines run through many of the winners in the Barcelona National and International races. At his death in 2005 his strain was still being improved as evidenced by their success throughout the world of modern long distance pigeon racing.
Piet Lazeroms followed the design suggested to him by Piet de Weerd for improving the marathon pigeon. Piet de Weerd advised Piet Lazeroms to buy out the lofts of the champions of his day and when he could not buy out the loft of a current champion for piet Lazeroms to buy complete rounds from his best breeders.

Perhaps most interesting Piet Lazeroms did not forgot the importance of having all the best genetic material available to create an improved Jan Aarden, as Piet also gave the same advise to the man he choose to be his successor in the maintaining and improving his great group of Piet Lazeroms-Jan Aardens.

In May of 2005 after the untimely death of Piet Lazeroms the entire collection of Piet Lazeroms over 280 birds were transferred to the man Piet Lazeroms chose to be his successor. This man is Dorel Borlovan from the U.S.A. Dorel received all of Piet Lazeroms birds—no birds were left behind.

Piet Lazeroms gave the same advice to his successor that Piet de Weerd gave to him. He told Dorel to get the best genetic material by buying out the best lofts of today and when that is not possible for Dorel to buy complete rounds from their best pairs. Based on Piet’s advice Dorel bought three full rounds from the loft of Jan Ernest. Jan Ernest and Piet Lazeroms both agreed that the cross between their two inbred families of pure Jan Aardens could produced a better Jan Aarden. He also purchased a complete round from the best of Hugo Batenburg an amazing long distance champion that all of Europe is raving about. Other birds in Dorel’s collection include birds with the Dolle bloodlines, Toon Lichtenburg pigeons and a son in 2006 from the Euro diamond. In 2007 another bird will be secured from the Euro diamond when mated with a top breeder hen from his friend Hugo Batenburg

While so many wanted to be chosen as Piet Lazeroms' successor it was Dorel Borlovan’s integrity and commitment to keep the tradition of improving the Jan Aardens alive that determined Piet Lazeroms’ selection of Dorel as his successor. Dorel has a reverence for those who went before him in this long quest to develop a better and better marathon racing pigeon. Dorel is committed to do all in his power to produce many, many great flying and breeding champions with his family of Jan Aardens.

Dorel also went to Raymond Moleveld and purchased some of the best Toon Lichtenburg, Hugo Batenburg and others. Fellow fanciers, do not don’t believe that Dorel Borlovan will stop there. Wherever there is discovered a superior Jan Aarden Dorel will be there to negotiate birds to add to genetic pool so that he might fulfill the commitment he made to Piet Lazeroms and Jan Ernest,
So fellow Aarden enthusiast we can all know where most of tomorrows Marathon racing champions will come from. They will come from International Breeding Station of Dorel Borlovan in Sacramento California in the USA.
Dorel does not sell any of the imported pigeons as they were purchased for his own breeding loft so he could fulfill his commitment to the men who went before him. However, a few 2007 youngster are available from the best of both Piet Lazeroms, Jan Ernest and Hugo Batenburg.

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